Is Your Body Beach Ready?

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Is Your Body Beach Ready?

The school year is nearing an end and summer is rapidly approaching.  You are planning your vacation, gathering towels, pool, and beach supplies, and looking forward to the warm sun and sand… but how ready is your beach body? Perhaps you’ve got a few areas you’d like to improve before slipping into that bathing suit.  Let the team at Titan Medical Aesthetics help you out with services like body contouring, laser hair removal, and laser vein treatment.

Body Sculpting

Perhaps you, like so many, have tried diet and exercise but still have excess skin or that are concerning you. Body Contouring may be the solution for you. TruSculpt iD by Cutera is a nonsurgical procedure that uses radiofrequency technology to heat and kill intended fat cells.  It is a noninvasive procedure and requires no anesthesia.  This treatment is for men and women and can be applied to many areas of your body, such as buttocks, thighs, flanks, back, and abdomen. Many patients say that the 15-30 minutes of warm, pulsing heat of this treatment is as soothing as a warm stone massage. After the treatment, your body will begin to naturally absorb and expel the demolished fat cells. RF technology also has the potential to stimulate your body’s reproduction of collagen, which will further enhance your results over time.  If you are ready to firm up those problem areas and feel more confident and ready for the beach, call Titan Medical Aesthetics to discuss TruSculpt iD.

Laser Hair Removal

Razor burn, knicks, cuts, irritated skin.  So much time spent shaving, waxing, using creams, or dealing with unwanted hair. The annoying routine of hair removal should not keep you from spending time doing the things that you love and enjoy.  As one of the most common treatments, laser hair removal is designed to restrict the long-term growth of hair follicles so that you can spend less time preparing and more time making memories in the sun! Targeted areas may include legs, back, arms, underarms, face, chest, and intimate areas. In addition to removing hair, many also experience softer, smoother skin in the treated areas. Let the team at Titan Medical Aesthetics help you boost your confidence with improved skin and reduced body hair!

Laser Vein Treatment 

Visible veins are another source of insecurity for many people.  Titan Medical Aesthetics can help with this, too. Using a Xeo device, laser energy is used to target veins.  This energy closes the affected veins and causes them to fade from view while creating younger-looking skin. The technology reduces the appearance of dark veins in your legs, face, and other areas of your body.  It can reduce currently visible veins, helping you feel more confident about going to the pool, beach, exercising, and even going out with friends.  The procedure lasts about 20 minutes with maximum results after just 1-2 treatments.  This quick and easy process is available to you, so call Titan Medical Aesthetics to plan for a more confident look!

Getting your body beach ready is easier than you think! Titan Medical Aesthetics is here to support you, so get ready and get confident!

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