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What is a HydraFacial?

The best skin of your life.




A great facial may help you look and feel more beautiful, which is why Titan Medical Aesthetics is pleased to offer the revolutionary HydraFacial. This is a unique system that makes it easier to perform professional facials that improve the tone and health of your skin by personalizing your treatment. If you are concerned about signs of aging, clogged pores, dry spots, or rough skin texture, our experienced team at Titan Medical Aesthetics will create a custom HydraFacial plan based on your skin type and needs that fit your goals. Make an appointment to learn more about the HydraFacial system and to keep you looking young and healthy.


The HydraFacial treatment is a non-invasive procedure that delivers instant results for all skin types with no downtime. This treatment removes dead skin cells and extracts impurities while at the same time delivering the skin with cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing serums. HydraFacial uses a unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system to exfoliate, extract and hydrate skin, and the spiral design delivers painless extractions.


Safe and Effective

HydraFacials are meant to be safe and effective for patients of all skin types, tones and ages. The treatment will be customized to meet your specific needs. Complexion concerns that may be addressed with a HydraFacial are:

  • Brown or sun spots
  • Chronic or infrequent outbreaks of acne
  • Decreased skin elasticity or firmness
  • Wrinkles and fine lines
  • Large or congested pores
  • Oily or greasy skin
  • Rough skin texture
  • Dull or uneven tone

Procedure Technique

HydraFacials are done in one of our private treatment rooms. The process will begin with a thorough consultation to decide the best products and options for your facial. After your plan is complete, you may relax in a treatment room as your procedure starts. HydraFacials use six main parts: cleansing, exfoliation, extraction of the pores, moisturization, a nourishing serum, and protection. These parts are personalized to the needs of your skin by selecting the best cleanser, exfoliation method, serums, moisturizers, and other products.

What to Expect

There is no downtime after this procedure. You will likely see noticeable improvements to your complexion right after your procedure with final results visible in several days. To sustain your newly improved skin tone, our team recommends these treatments at monthly intervals. In your consultation, we can schedule ongoing appointments and talk about a home skin care routine to keep your complexion healthy between professional treatments.


The spiral design of HydraPeel® Tips, used in conjunction with the HydraFacial proprietary vacuum technology and serums, creates a vortex effect to easily dislodge and remove impurities while simultaneously delivering hydrating skin solutions.

Hydrafacial is good for all skin types and all skin tones. It addresses all skin needs:

  • Fine Lines + Wrinkles
  • Elasticity and Firmness
  • Evan Tone + Vibrancy
  • Skin Texture
  • Brown Spots
  • Enlarge Pores
  • Oily + Congested Skin
  • Chronic or infrequent outbreaks of acne

Personalize Your Facial

The HydraFacial lets you control the techniques used in your facial, changing as needed to finesse your skin care. At Titan Medical Aesthetics, we focus on providing customized care to each of our valued clients. This procedure is an important step in our Skin Fitness program. 

Choose from our Hydrofacial offering what's right for you.

The Signature HydraFacial - non-invasive medical grade facial rejuvenating procedure that deeply cleanses the skin, detoxifies, exfoliates, extracts, and hydrates through our super serums filled with antioxidants, peptides, and hyaluronic acids. It is designed for all skin types and customized for your goals and needs, improving tone and texture of the skin. The treatment is made with nourishing ingredients that create an instantly gratifying glow to every patient. There is little to no downtime after this procedure.

The Deluxe HydraFacial - the procedure includes all of the essentials of the Signature HydraFacial while focusing on specific skin concerns with the additions of HydraFacial’s boosters and LED light therapy. Red LED lights for anti-aging or Blue LED lights for acne. Targeted boosts are incorporated into this treatment. This customized facial is perfect for candidates that are looking for an extra boost on their skin.

The Add-on Hydrafacial - our Signature HydraFacial when done as pre- or post-other services on the same day. We especially recommend having the Hydrafacial before injectables.

Additional boosts available

Minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and acne to restore skin health and vitality.

Minimizes signs of aging and recharges skin with a patented combination of peptides and is delivered to help effectively address fine lines, irregularity in pigment, and skin tone evenness and texture.

Minimizes the appearance of dark spots and sun spots for an even complexion.

CLARIFYING- Best for oily/clogged skin, performing the signature Hydrafacial with extended extraction.

Hydrafacial is also recommended for neck, decollete, back and hands! Please let our team know about additional areas you'd like to cover.

Signature HydraFacial - $199
Deluxe HydraFacial - $249
Add-on HydraFacial - $149


We are now offering LET'S DO THIS AGAIN  Hydrafacial Membership Program. Ask our staff about the details.

Membership Levels:

  • 3-Month Membership
  • 6-Month Membership
  • 12-Month Membership 

*Individual results are not guaranteed and may vary from person to person. Images may contain models.