Skincare Routines that Will Give You a Cold Weather Glow

Dr. Guy Navarra | 12/12/2021

Don't let the winter dry out your skin. Here are skincare routines to help.


Myths and Facts About Beauty Products

Dr. Guy Navarra | 08/12/2021

Here are myths and facts about beauty products.


How Summer Heat Affects Your Skin

Dr. Guy Navarra | 07/20/2021

Did you know the hot weather changes your skin? Here’s what you might see.


How Can We Tighten Chin Skin?

Dr. Guy Navarra | 07/15/2021

We can tighten your chin skin with a simple procedure.


Your Sunscreen is Eco-friendly, But Is It Good for Your Skin?

Dr. Guy Navarra | 06/04/2021

Sunscreen is part of your skincare, but is it safe for your skin and the planet?


Understanding CO2 Lasers

Dr. Guy Navarra | 05/25/2021

What kind of lasers do we use & how do they work? Learn more on our blog!


Get a Summer Bod with Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Guy Navarra | 05/18/2021

Want a smooth, hairless summer? Laser hair removal can give you a perfect look.



Dr. Guy Navarra | 04/01/2021

What's a HydraFacial? It’s a patented treatment combining exfoliation & serums.


Chemical Peels

Dr. Guy Navarra | 03/26/2021

Chemical peels are a common procedure! They kickstart the skin’s regen process.


Advantages of TruSculpt ID

Dr. Guy Navarra | 03/04/2021

If you’re at your ideal weight but have stubborn fat, TruSculpt iD could Help!


What’s the Correct Order for Applying Skincare?

Dr. Guy Navarra | 02/26/2021

Are you using your skincare products correctly? Here's the best order!


Our Medispa: Not Just for the Ladies

Dr. Guy Navarra | 02/08/2021

Men deserve to look & feel their best! Check out procedures that appeal to men.


Understanding Neurotoxins

Dr. Guy Navarra | 01/20/2021

How much do you know about neurotoxins? We’ve got the rundown here!


Understanding Light Therapy

Dr. Guy Navarra | 12/30/2020

Light Therapy can dramatically improve your skin without downtime or pain!


Picking the Perfect Skincare Holiday Gifts

Dr. Guy Navarra | 12/16/2020

This year give skincare gifts to help nourish skin & improve appearance!


Acne – What It is and How We Can Help

Dr. Guy Navarra | 11/17/2020

Learn more about acne & how Titan Medical can help clear up breakouts for good.


Secret RF Microneedling

Dr. Guy Navarra | 11/10/2020

Improve the appearance of your skin easily! Welcome to Secret™ RF Microneedling.


Sweaty No More! Three Ways to Overcome Hyperhidrosis

Dr. Guy Navarra | 10/07/2020

miraDry system immediately and permanently reduces underarms sweat. Injectables like Botox, Dysport and Jeuveau help treating sweaty palms and feet.


How to treat hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, acne scars, or facial redness with XEO

Dr. Guy Navarra | 09/14/2020

Are you looking for a way to improve the appearance of your skin?


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