Reasons For Hair Loss in Women

Dr. Guy Navarra | 09/28/2022

Titan Medical Aesthetics gives reasons for hair loss in women, and some ways to


Reasons For Hair Loss in Men

Dr. Guy Navarra | 09/21/2022

Titan Medical Aesthetics gives common reasons for hair loss in men, and some sol


Warmer Weather is Coming: Don’t Sweat the Summer!

Dr. Guy Navarra | 06/14/2022

If your perspiration causes you embarrassment, or your sweat has a strong smell, Titan Medical Aesthetics can help with the miraDry System.


Is Your Body Beach Ready?

Dr. Guy Navarra | 06/09/2022

Let the team at Titan Medical Aesthetics help you out with services like body contouring, laser hair removal, and laser vein treatment.


How to Perk Up Your Skin When It’s Looking Tired

Dr. Guy Navarra | 06/08/2022

Titan Medical Aesthetics discusses how to perk up your skin when it’s looking tired.


14 Everyday Activities That Cause Skin Aging

Dr. Guy Navarra | 04/21/2022

No one can stop the natural aging process, but avoiding these 14 activities that


How does truSculpt iD compare to CoolSculpting?

Dr. Guy Navarra | 03/24/2022

For help determining which one is best for you, consider how truSculpt iD and Co


How Effective is BOTOX for Migraines?

Dr. Guy Navarra | 03/24/2022

In 2010, BOTOX was approved for chronic migraine treatment.


Helping Your Teen Tackle Skincare

Dr. Guy Navarra | 03/08/2022

Follow this guide to help curate the perfect skincare routine for teens.


Why Colder Months are a Great Time for Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Guy Navarra | 02/24/2022

There are lots of reasons why the colder months are great time for cosmetic proc


Should I Avoid Exercise After My Procedure?

Dr. Guy Navarra | 02/24/2022

A look at a few common treatments and what’s required post-procedure.


Nonsurgical Options for Surgical-Quality Results

Dr. Guy Navarra | 02/22/2022

Popular nonsurgical options with results that might surprise you!


Skincare Routines that Will Give You a Cold Weather Glow

Dr. Guy Navarra | 12/12/2021

Don't let the winter dry out your skin. Here are skincare routines to help.


Myths and Facts About Beauty Products

Dr. Guy Navarra | 08/12/2021

Here are myths and facts about beauty products.


How Summer Heat Affects Your Skin

Dr. Guy Navarra | 07/20/2021

Did you know the hot weather changes your skin? Here’s what you might see.


How Can We Tighten Chin Skin?

Dr. Guy Navarra | 07/15/2021

We can tighten your chin skin with a simple procedure.


Your Sunscreen is Eco-friendly, But Is It Good for Your Skin?

Dr. Guy Navarra | 06/04/2021

Sunscreen is part of your skincare, but is it safe for your skin and the planet?


Understanding CO2 Lasers

Dr. Guy Navarra | 05/25/2021

What kind of lasers do we use & how do they work? Learn more on our blog!


Get a Summer Bod with Laser Hair Removal

Dr. Guy Navarra | 05/18/2021

Want a smooth, hairless summer? Laser hair removal can give you a perfect look.



Dr. Guy Navarra | 04/01/2021

What's a HydraFacial? It’s a patented treatment combining exfoliation & serums.


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