Acne Treatment in Newburyport, North Shore, MA

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Acne Treatment

PRODo you suffer from acne? Are you tired of over the counter products that do not work?

At Titan Medical Aesthetics we offer comprehensive treatment and management of Acne. We combine a number of approaches to keep your acne under check regardless of your age. Acne is a common skin condition that occurs when hair follicles under the skin become clogged with oil and dead skin cells. This promotes bacterial overgrowth and the appearance of pimples.


There are different types of pimples or lesions with acne; some stay under the skin and produce a white bump (white head), some reach the surface of the skin and open up (black heads), some are pink bumps on the skin tender to touch, some are topped by white or yellow pus and some are large painful solid lesions deep within the skin with or without pus.


A number of factors may contribute to worsen your acne, including certain foods, stress, pressure from sport helmets, tight cloths, backpacks and masks, pollution and high humidity, squeezing of picking at pimples and scrubbing your skin too hard.


Our approach to acne at Titan Medical Aesthetics is similar to our general philosophy of skin health and skin fitness. We can help to bring your skin to an ideal healthy level and design a program that is going to allow you to maintain in the long run a healthy skin appearance.


Light Therapy

As part of our comprehensive Acne management program, we offer Light Therapy with Celluma PRO and LightStim state of the art systems. Light Therapy has proven to be extremely valuable in treating and controlling your acne. This approach uses a combination of blue and red LED light technology to kill bacteria and reduce inflammation. Light Therapy is used together with other Acne program which will help you to archive and maintain radiant and clear skin. 


At Titan Medical Aesthetics we will help you treat and keep your acne under control with a combination of strategies including chemical peels, laser therapy, light therapy (IPL), Hydrafacials and homecare products. In extreme cases our medical practitioners may recommend the short-term use of antibiotics. Come for a free consultation and start your journey to a clear and radiant skin.

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